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‘Security’ covers a wide range of activities.
To clarify the variety of services we can offer they have been subdivided in the categories below:

Personal Security and Escort
In cases where an immediate threat excists it is possible to acquire physical protection. RBV is capable of taking all necessary measures to ensure your
personal safety. All of our staff have been trained at a specialised government department, the Division of Royal and Diplomatic Security, where they
have taught surveillance and personal protection techniques.

Preventative surveillance
Preventative surveillance is inconspicuous observation carried out by specialists to identify and prevent possible kidnappings or assaults at an early stage.
All this is executed in close co-operation with the local police. The surveillance takes place at private and/or business locations of the person who has
commissioned them. It is also possible to offer similar services for the family (partner and/or children) of the client. Any invasion of privacy will be kept to
an absolute minimum.

Event Security
The aim of event security is to keep a low profile and provide professional services without affecting the enjoyment and atmosphere of te event.
Our staff are professional, correct and service orientated but safety always remains the highest priority.

For companies dealing on the stock exchange it is of particular importance that no information is ‘leaked’. During important meetings it is essential that
no listening devices are present. RBV has access to the latest apparatus and highly trained individuals to carry out sweeping to ensure the absence of
any such devices..

Escorting Transports and Persons
RBV has experience in protecting and escorting transport of valuables or movement of persons. Personal and technical support is available.

Tracking & Tracing
Tracing & Tracing is a well thought out alarm service for companies and persons with mobile objects or transportation of valuable cargo. The service
focusses on the reaction to calamities of various sorts.